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1977 xj12c broadspeed replica

after 9 years i have to say with pain in my heart that my car is for sale

due to health isues , time and the fact that it has been 9 years what started of as a quick restoration i can only say it has become part of my life but i guess everything has a beginning and an end
it's basicaly a rhd 1977 xj coupe series 2 six cilinder automatic car
i have with it a v12 engine with manual getrag gearbox and all the bits like bellhousing , driveshaft ,aluminium flywheel ( fidanza ) , refurbished rear axle and front axle in bits with all new parts ( the car is still on it's own axles )

all the parts for the car in aluminium that give it the feel of the real car are specialy made
also the car has the rare rear spoiler
the propper fillers for the fuel tank in the boot ( 120 L )
a full rollcage exactly like on the original cars ( no fia approval )
even the seats are exactly as on the original car ( chassis nr 003 ) with the same fabric
the car has also manual wind up windows ( as the original ) not a lot of coupe's will have this feature
at this moment the car rolls on  a set of steel wheels
next to all this it comes with lots of information , drawings, photo's , pictures  and parts
basicaly anything you will ever find online and than over a 1000 photo's more

if you ever wished for a car like this than this is your chance
85% of the work has been done

if you are realy interested than send me an e mail  on :

as long as this ad is up on this site the car will be available




welcome to the  site, that will show you the build of a replica XJ Broadspeed Coupe                 


why  you would ask???


well the answer is very easy !..


its a car that is well known in the Jaguar /Daimler/leyland  history


its a beautifull car


but also a mystery to most people  




last update 20 - 10-2014